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Stick & go with AMOLUX Diamond breast forms
  • Self-adhering silicone breast forms with built-in adhesive that's easy to stick to your body
  • Made with Ultra Soft silicone
  • Non-shiny super-soft realistic finish
  • Asymmetrical shape fits left and right, and helps to make shoulders look smaller
  • Full of movement and bounce for the perfect luxury
  • Natural-looking profile
  • Crafted in Germany

Experience perfect luxury with AMOLUX Diamond self-adhering breast forms. These breast forms are full of natural movement and are soft as cashmere.

Tapered edges help create a more natural appearance on the body and the slightly concave back fits most body types.

AMOLUX Diamond breast forms have an adhesive silicone that covers the back of the breast form. Its unique adhesive pattern gives the sensation of having real, natural breasts, due to the natural tension created by the adhesive.

Why we love our AMOLUX Diamond self-adhering breast forms
  • Naturally weighted design feels just like real breasts on your body
  • One year manufacturers' warranty against defects
  • Innovative self-adhesive back is easy to attach without any additional glues or tapes
  • The built-in adhesive is designed to last as long as your breast forms do!
  • Beautiful AMOLUX storage box included
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience

What comes with AMOLUX Diamond breast forms?

Each pair of AMOLUX DIamond breast forms comes complete with the following items for FREE:

  • VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL: A pair of Divine Nipples, in your choice of color and size (excluding Destini 70 and Roxi 80)
  • Six individual Skin Tac Wipes to help clean your skin before wearing
  • AMOLUX Cleansing Lotion for cleaning & maintaing the AMOLUX breast forms' adhesive back
  • AMOLUX Soft Brush to help remove dirt and dead skin cells from your breast forms
  • Reusable fabric pads so you can wear AMOLUX breast forms without adhesive

Going braless with AMOLUX Diamond breast forms

The Breast Form Store STRONGLY recommends wearing a bra with AMOLUX Diamond breast forms. Although many of our clients have had success going braless with the smaller sizes (4 & 6), larger sizes have a heavier weight, and therefore will likely not be secure when worn braless.

If you want to wear the forms without a bra, it is best if you wear a tighter fitting halter top, leotards, sports bra or any sort of garment that will give that extra bit of security. You may find that you have no problem at all wearing the forms everywhere without a bra as they really hold. Experiment at home to find your best solution.

Clients who have more than two inches of developed tissue (the difference between the nipple measurement and below-the-nipple measurement) may find that the AMOLUX Diamond breast forms are not concave enough to allow for braless attachment, or may not sit as nicely on the body.

Returns and Exchanges

If you think you will need to return or exchange, AMOLUX Diamond breast forms must be initially tried on for sizing WITHOUT removing the soft covering from the back of the breast forms. Due to the self-adhesive backing, when the breast forms are attached and then removed from the skin, dead skin cells and oils are also removed. We are therefore unable to accept returns or exchanges on breast forms that have been attached for hygienic reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Never sleep ON your silicone breast forms. Your weight may burst them!

Where will my order ship from?
If you are located in the United States... This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA

If you are located in Canada... This item will ship from Richmond, BC

If you are located in another country... This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA

All Canadian orders ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. All US and international orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. Holidays and post office closures may cause your order to ship a day sooner or later.

Your breast forms will be shipped discreetly in a plain, unmarked box with no identifying labels about what's inside or who it is coming from.

Purchase Item
Breast Forms - AMOLUX Diamond Self-Adhering [AL300] [pair]
$ 299 .95
FREE Care Kit
FREE Nipples
Purchase Item
Breast Forms - AMOLUX Diamond Self-Adhering [AL300] [pair] [Sizes 8, 10]
$ 309 .95
FREE Care Kit
FREE Nipples
Purchase Item
Breast Forms - AMOLUX Diamond Self-Adhering [AL300] [pair] [Sizes 12, 14]
$ 319 .95
FREE Care Kit
FREE Nipples
Breast Form Fitting Chart for AMOLUX Diamond
Bra band size
34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
Desired Cup Size A Cup 4 4 6 8 10 12
B Cup 4 4 6 8 10 12 14
C Cup 4 6 6 8 10 12 14
D Cup 4 6 8 8 10 12 14
DD Cup 6 8 10 10 14 14
E Cup 8 10 12 14
F Cup 10 12 14
G Cup 12 14

How to use this fitting chart: Intersect your bra band size (the number) with the cup size you want to achieve. Where the two intersect, that is the breast form size that will fill that bra. Example: 40C is a size 6.

Because our AMOLUX Diamond breast forms are only available in even sizes, each size of breast form may fit differently in your bra. To ensure the best fit for your body and for your bra, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AMOLUX Diamond Measurement Size Chart (measurements taken for one side only)
Size Weight Height Width Thickness
Size 4 8.4 oz
(236 grams)
6.1 in
(15.5 cm)
5.1 in
(13 cm)
1 1/8 in
(2.8575 cm)
Size 6 13.3 oz
(378 grams)
6.9 in
(17.5 cm)
5.9 in
(15 cm)
1 3/8 in
(3.4925 cm)
Size 8 1 lb 3 oz
(538 grams)
7.7 in
(19.5 cm)
6.7 in
(17 cm)
1 1/2 in
(3.81 cm)
Size 10 1 lb 10.8 oz
(760 grams)
8.5 in
(21.5 cm)
7.2 in
(18.5 cm)
1 5/8 in
(4.1275 cm)
Size 12 2 lb 3.8 oz
(1014 grams)
9.4 in
(24 cm)
8.3 in
(21 cm)
1 7/8 in
(4.7625 cm)
Size 14 2 lb 13.7 oz
(1296 grams)
9.9 in
(25 cm)
8.9 in
(22.5 cm)
2 1/8 in
(5.3975 cm)

How to use AMOLUX Diamond adhesive breast forms

To attach AMOLUX Diamond breast forms, clean your chest using AMOLUX Skin Tonic. This removes any body oils on the skin. For a better clean and a better stick, use our Skin Tac Wipes to prepare your skin. Allow your skin to properly dry, then position the breast forms on your chest.

When done with your breast forms, slowly remove the breast forms from your body by gently pulling at the edges and lifting up. Wash the breast form using AMOLUX Cleansing Lotion and the AMOLUX Cleanser Brush for a gentle yet deep cleansing. Cleaning AMOLUX Diamond breast forms with the provided cleansers is the only way to maintain the adhesive.

NOTE: Smaller sizes will have better adhesion than the larger sizes, due to the weight of the breast form. Results may very depending on skin preparation, skin type and size of the breast form. For better results, shower and clean the skin with a mild soap and wipe the skin with Skin Tac Wipes before attaching the breast forms.

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