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AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms Review by Maddie

I got the AMOLUX forms that are attachable. Meaning they have a permanent adhesive on the back of the forms that makes it so you could attach them directly to your skin for additional support. The Breast Form Store also includes a clear plastic backing, and a cloth-like backing that can be attached to the forms so that the rest against your body but don't attach. Even though I wouldn't have thought to purchase the forms this way originally, I now realize what a good idea this is.

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AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms Review by Katie

The first thing I noticed about wearing these particular forms was that they were smaller and lighter than my regular pair. I made a mistake a few years back when I ordered the old pair because I decided that I wanted a large bosom. So I ordered forms which were actually far too large for me. They made look out of proportion and drew attention to me when I was out and about and that meant I was being read far more often that I needed.

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Gold Seal Classic 1 Breast Forms Review by Maddie

For MTF crossdressers or transgender individuals, breast forms can really help with "passability". Not only do breast forms add weight to your chest, which in turn naturally causes the shoulders to settle back into a more feminine position, but they also visually add curves to an otherwise masculine frame that can help a person blend in better (or stand out) as a female.

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Gold Seal breast forms and Aphrodite breast forms comparison & review by Selene

My Aphrodite forms arrived a couple of weeks ago. I've had the chance to try them out a couple of times, and here's what I've found:

The Gold Seal and Aphrodite breast forms offer distinctly different visual, tactile and integration experiences.

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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Kimberly

I purchased a pair of size three RealBreast Two Piece breast forms in Dec 2010 from The Breast Form Store. I started with the tone kit, and got it right away, so selecting my skin tone was easy and fast, starting the rather long 4-5 week lead-time to get them delivered.

They arrived near the promised date, and I was amazed at the cosmetic quality! They do look as real as can be, even without the customization. (Not offered back then.) And the weight and feel when attached is really amazing! I have had some dozen or so pairs of forms through the years, and these are the closest to the feel and look of human breasts as I have seen.

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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Roxanne

I eagerly anticipated the delivery of my new forms and "like a young teenage girl growing her new natural breasts" anxiously opened them upon arrival. I was greeted with two awesome breathtaking lifelike female breasts with beautiful sumptuous luscious erect nipples. They are as nice as any woman could ever want.

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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Azira

If you are reading these reviews, you are probably thinking about ordering these Real Breast forms but perhaps are hesitating a bit because of the cost. No question, they are more expensive than others, but what you have to appreciate at is that these are custom appliances and what you are paying for is just fabulous artistry. There is just no other breast form appliance on the market that I have found that does such a superb job of creating the illusion.

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RealBreast Breast Forms Reviews

I've had this pair of size four Real Breast forms for about a month now. I love them more every time I put them on. They are a total game changer.
- Heather

I've received the forms and I'm impressed by the realism of it. I've timed myself in terms of putting it on and taking it off and the whole process takes almost an hour! But it looks shockingly good. However, after one or two wears, I realised the silicone fringes are not sticky anymore which is exactly what I suspected from the first time I saw how the fringeswere designed. I got a bunch of adhesive which is quite confusing because there were no instructions on how to use them.
- Anon.

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