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Turn on the high beams with our signature Naughty Nipples

These sensuous nipples attach with ease to your breast forms or over your own nipples using our FREE reusable NipSticks.

Naughty Nipples are the only attachable nipples that can be used with nipple jewelry. From perky and natural to traffic-stopping sizes, our Naughty Nipples are sure to leave you feeling naughty or nice!

Our Naughty Nipples are made in Canada and are available in four sizes:

Small Naughty Nipples
1/4" projection x 3/8" diameter

These nipples are designed to give a hint of things to come through a soft cup bra and a tight fitting garment. Great on smaller breasts, or for a more subdued look.

Medium Naughty Nipples
3/8" projection x 1/2" diameter

These nipples give more than just a hint. More projection and diameter to show a large erect nipple.

Large Naughty Nipples
3/8" projection x 5/8" diameter

Now the big girls come out to play! These big nipples leave no doubt you are healthy and awake.

Extra Large Naughty Nipples
Almost 3/4" projection and 3/4" diameter

These 'traffic stoppers' are designed for maximum fun and attention. Great for fantasy dressing or very large breast forms.

Best of all, every pair of Naughty Nipples includes a FREE pair of NipSticks! NipSticks are remarkable and reusable adhesive rings that adhere our Naughty Nipples to breast forms or to you!

Naughty Nipples are made from a firm material to give you the most projection under clothing. We love the way these perky nipples look under bras, blouses, and even sweaters! The durable material makes these nipples perfect for a more erect look.

Why we love our Naughty Nipples
  • Our Naughty Nipples are the ultimate way to give a perky, naughty look!
    • Made using a very firm material to give you the most projection, even under sweaters and heavy clothing
    • The erect nipples are designed to be firm enough to show under clothing better than silicone nipples
    • Unique material will not collapse under clothing or when wearing a bra
  • Naughty Nipples are perfect for customizing your own look
    • Shaped for a natural blend to your breast form or your own body
    • Naughty Nipples are the ONLY attachable nipple that let you add nipple jewelry -- meow!
    • Each pair of Naughty Nipples comes in a storage pouch that's discreet and great for travel

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Naughty Nipples
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Returns & Exchanges

Due to our returns and exchanges policies (specificially our reshipping and restocking fees), we are not able to do returns or exchanges on Naughty Nipples, as it is not cost effective for our clients.

If you are not sure of the size you would like to order, please contact us.

How to use NipSticks with Naughty Nipples
  1. Wash your Naughty Nipples before use to remove any lint or dust that may be on the nipple. This will give you the very best hold.
  2. Clean your breast form or skin to make sure that they are free of lint, dust, or oils that may affect the adhesion.
  3. Remove the blue plastic film from both sides of the NipStick. The NipStick should appear clear or translucent (not blue).
  4. Position one side of NipStick on the back of the Naughty Nipple. Position the nipple and NipStick over top of your own nipple or where you would like it to be placed on your breast form.
  5. Gently press the Naughty Nipples in to place. Be careful not to pinch the nipple; it may create suction that can irritate your skin.

You do not have to remove your Naughty Nipples every time; they are perfectly safe to be left on your breast forms!

Need extra adhesion? Use It Stays! or Skin Tac Wipes on both sides of the NipStick before adhering it.

How to remove NipSticks with Naughty Nipples
  1. Slowly lift and peel Naughty Nipples and NipStick away from the body or breast form. If needed, peel NipStick away from Naughty Nipple as well.
  2. Wipe NipStick with rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry on a clean, dry surface before reuse.
  3. If needed, store in an air-tight plastic bag.

Small naughty nipples for breast forms
1/4" projection x 3/8" diameter
Medium naughty nipples for breast forms
3/8" projection x 1/2" diameter
Large naughty nipples for breast forms
3/8" projection x 5/8" diameter
Extra Large naughty nipples for breast forms
Extra Large
Almost 3/4" projection and 3/4" diameter

The story of Naughty Nipples

Our clients begged for large nipples. We pleaded with suppliers to make larger nipples. No luck. No one understood what our clients wanted... but we did. So we created our very own larger nipples, Naughty Nipples.

The Breast Form Store is proud to carry large, attachable nipples that easily attach to you or your breast forms. These nipples are firm enough not to collapse under clothing like silicone nipples.

The nipples come in three different sizes, and each nipple is designed for a different look. Our Naughty Nipples all feature a 1.75" areola for a firm base and an aroused look. Each pair of Naughty Nipples comes complete with a pair of NipStick reusable adhesive discs..

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