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This product is proudly made
in the United States of America
IMPROVED FORMULA! Your breast forms become a part of you!

No lady should be without Hold Up Body Adhesive. Hold Up is a gentle roll-on body adhesive that washes off with water, leaving no sticky residue. The perfect adhesive to keep your breast forms in place! Your breast forms will truly feel like they're a part of you.

While not designed to allow you to go braless, Hold Up holds your breast forms to your chest to encourage natural movement, warmth and feel, and helps to hold your breast forms in place when you are very active.

There are literally dozens of uses for this inexpensive product. Hold Up can be used to hold wigs, shoulder straps, or support hose in place, and it adheres to most materials. Hold Up remains flexible, moving with your skin – no chipping or cracking!

Hold Up washes off instantly, leaving no residue, and is great for holding clothing in place. For example, if you have a blouse that reveals too much when you bend over, just use Hold Up to solve the problem. Use Hold Up help keep breast forms in place when wearing with a bra! We have never had a complaint of skin irritation.

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Hold Up Body Adhesive

$ 9 .95
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Hold Up Body Adhesive TWO PACK

$ 19 .90
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Hold Up Body Adhesive THREE PACK

$ 29 .85

  • Create a bond between you and your breast forms
  • No more need to reposition breast forms after bending over other activity
  • Perfect for attaching our Naughty Nipples to your breast forms
  • Great body adhesive for clothing, nylons, silicone nipples, shoulder straps, etc.
  • Keeps wigs and loose hair in place
  • That blouse too revealing? Nylons not staying in place? Just use Hold Up!
  • Safe for most fabrics
  • Washes off instantly
  • So comfortable you won't even know it's there
  • Moves with you
  • Not irritating
  • Hold Up will not damage silicone breast forms or nipples

Hold Up body adhesive is quite strong and will adhere your breast forms to your chest, but it is NOT strong enough to allow you to go braless.

I just wanted to let you all know how very happy I am with the roll on product! It works so wonderfully! I NEVER have to adjust the "girls" on stage now! They stay in the bra exactly where I put them! Less to worry about has made my performance even better!
Thanks again! Looking forward to trying out more of your products!

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How to use: Apply to clean and dry skin. Leave until the glue becomes tacky to touch. Press item onto skin until set. Wash with water to remove from skin and clothing.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of xcontact, flush with water for 15 minutes. External use only. Do not use on broken skin. Use by child requires supervision.

Ingredients: VP/VA, glycerin, IPA, sorbic acid.

Water soluable. Remove with water. Store between 30 and 120°F.

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