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Our TRANSFORM Premier adhesive pads are unique, double-sided adhesive pads that attach to our Transform Premier Semi-Rounds breast forms The unique self-ahdering pad attaches easily to the breast form by simply being pressed in place, and removes easily from your skin and the breast form.

The bubbles and circles on the back of the adhesive pad increase the surface area where the adhesive connects to your chest, creating a better hold and a more secure fit.

The self-adhering pad can be rejuvenated using our reusable Skin Tac Wipes for a better hold, and it can be changed out after several uses and replaced with a new pad.

Important notes

Proper care of the breast forms and the adhesive pads will extend the life of the adhesive pads significantly. At this time, we have found that the self-adhering pads last up to two months with daily wear, and between three to four months when worn one to three times a week.

TRANSFORM Premier Semi-Round Adhesive Pads are not designed for use with breast forms that are not semi-round in shape and will not stick to any breast form other than the TRANSFORM Premier Semi-Rounds.

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TRANSFORM Premier Semi-Round Adhesive Pads
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