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AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms Review by Katie from Frock Magazine

This article was originally written by Katie Glover for the September/October 2011 issue of Frock Magazine.

Our good friends at The Breast Form Store asked me to test out some breastforms from a new range they've recently started selling. Always happy to oblige I agreed and a couple of days later there was a knock at the door. A first time breast form customer may have been a bit worried about the postman seeing the company logo on the address label and sussing out their little secret. However, The Breast Form Store have been sending out packages like this for a very long time and they know you require utmost privacy. So there is no logo or any sign whatsoever that the parcel contains feminine contraband or that it's come from The Breast Form Store.

I was eager to see what the large parcel contained. Having removed the other wrapping I found a fairly large, heavy duty cardboard box inside. It seemed to me to be far larger than the forms inside but presumably it's all about protecting the contents in transit.

The forms I was sent are from the AMOLUX range, which are made in Germany. I opened the attractive looking box and found the AMOLUX Diamond forms along with a number of accessories. There were a couple of attachable nipples and various bits and pieces for gluing the forms on.

The next level of forms down from the self-adhesive AMOLUX Diamond forms which I was sent, are the AMOLUX Ruby forms, which are the cheaper option. They are triangular in shape rather than asymmetrical like the Diamond and unlike the Diamond forms, they are not self-adhesive. However, a free adhesive kit does come as standard with each pair purchased.

Both styles are quite concave so are designed to fit all body shapes, even people with some existing breast tissue (they can accommodate existing breast tissue up to about a 'B' cup). The surface also has a smooth matt finish rather than the slightly shiny surface of many others breastforms.

My personal preference is that I can't be doing with gluing my girls on. If I'm going out for an evening I always prefer to use a bra and luckily I bought one especially suited to the job just a short while back. Again, it came from The Breast Form Store and it's not just any bra. No, this one has pockets which are specially designed to hold your breastforms in place no matter what you get up to.

Having done my make-up and nails, I put on my bra and popped the forms in. Easy! Then I finished dressing in a tight little purple frock, black opaque hose and heels. A quick touch-up of my lippy and this girl was pretty much ready to hit the town.

The first thing I noticed about wearing these particular forms was that they were smaller and lighter than my regular pair. I made a mistake a few years back when I ordered the old pair because I decided that I wanted a large bosom. So I ordered forms which were actually far too large for me. They made look out of proportion and drew attention to me when I was out and about and that meant I was being read far more often that I needed.

As any woman who has very large breasts will tell you, they also get in the way and are quite heavy to carry around. I've even heard of some women developing back problems from having to constantly deal with the weight of their boobs.

So this time I decided not to make the same mistake again. I know my limitations so instead of guessing at what size I should order, I consulted with the experts. I thought to myself that as the staff at The Breast Form Store do nothing but sell breastforms all day every day, they ought to have some clue as to what size would be right for me. I needn't have worried. They are happy to suggest the right size to fit with your other dimensions so your body will look in proportion. I just told them my height and chest measurements and they figured the rest out themselves.

I must say that the size they came up with actually feels far more realistic and normal than the huge pair I picked out before. With my old, larger boobs, I was constantly worried about them falling out or dropping down to my waist.

The AMOLUX forms stay in place and they still jiggle when I jump up and down but they feel far more natural and almost like a part of me, which is how it should be.

The tight dress I'm wearing as I write this, emphasises my curves, especially as I'm also wearing a body shaper which pulls in my tummy and adds a few extra inches to my bum and thighs. Again, I got that from The Breast Form Store too so really my whole look is The Breast Form Store inspired.

On this occasion I spent the evening at The Wayout Club in London, England. I met some friends and we laughed and giggled and danced the night away. On a number of occasions we were approached by men who were taken with our looks and my new breasts were part of that. They were obviously impressive enough to save me from having to buy a drink all night.

So, in conclusion, I would happily recommend the AMOLUX range of breastforms. I certainly won't be using my old forms again.

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