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AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms Review by Maddie from The Girl Inside

I've written about breast forms before, specifically the Gold Seal Classic 1 breast forms from The Breast Form Store. I wore those Gold Seal forms for years, and I loved them. They were simple, easy to clean, and very durable. I've also reviewed a pair of RealBreast Two Piece breast forms that were amazingly realistic, but a little time consuming to put on and take off.

Earlier last year I was contacted by The Breast Form Store to review one of their newer attachable forms and of course I jumped at the opportunity. At the time I had just gone full time, and was wearing my Gold Seals each day to class - quite content I might add. The only issue I discovered I was having with the Gold Seals was that as the warmer weather approached I found that sweat was forming between my skin and the backs of those forms. I solved the issue by purchasing square cotton pads and putting those between the forms and my skin. It was perfect.

Well, I thought it was perfect anyway until I met Gold Seal's cuter and more flexible sister, AMOLUX!

I got the AMOLUX forms that are attachable. Meaning they have a permanent adhesive on the back of the forms that makes it so you could attach them directly to your skin for additional support. The Breast Form Store also includes a clear plastic backing, and a cloth-like backing that can be attached to the forms so that the rest against your body but don't attach. Even though I wouldn't have thought to purchase the forms this way originally, I now realize what a good idea this is.

First I should mention, as I did in previous reviews that I received the forms in a discreet box, packed well, and quickly shipped. In terms of privacy, you have nothing to worry about in terms of ordering from The Breast Form Store. They are great about that and making sure the box won't get damaged in transit. I won't repeat this part because again The Breast Form Store does a great job.

The AMOLUX Shipping Box

Next, when you open up your new AMOLUX box you'll notice that it's packed beautifully. The package I received even had rose petals scattered throughout the box; a really nice touch.

The Breast Form Store also includes a care kit with this pair of forms to help you take care of the forms. In the picture below you can see the forms resting in the box, the additional soft-backs, and the care kit.

When you touch these forms for the first time you'll be amazed at how soft they are. They are still durable, but the feeling is even more realistic than the Gold Seal forms, and likely nearly as durable. One distinct difference with these forms is that they only include a small protrusion where the nipple would normally be. In my case I actually prefer this because I prefer a more smooth appearance of my breasts than to have bumps under my shirt. Since I am wearing these every day all day long I don't want to be going around the office with permanent bumps there as it would draw unnecessary attention I think and that defeats the purpose of the forms for me. I want to blend in and have a natural, but nice look.

Okay, so here's the thing. Until I had tried out these AMOLUX forms I'd have told you to just go out and buy the Gold Seal forms and save some money over getting the more expensive ones. I still think the Gold Seal forms are a great pair of breastforms for the money. And for someone on a limited budget, or especially if you only find yourself using them a few times a month for a few hours the Gold Seal forms are perfect. But in my case, because I'm full time now I need forms that I can wear all day long, every day of the week. We're talking 12 hours or more every single day. They need to look natural, feel natural, and they need to be comfortable! These AMOLUX forms fit every single one of those requirements perfectly for me.

First, as I mentioned before I'm glad they don't have a protrusion at the nipple. In my case because I'm using forms to create a more natural shape that helps me blend in with other woman (not stand out, or look sexy or anything like that). I don't want my forms to be perky if you know what I mean. These are perfect because you can attach nipples to them if it's something you want, but you aren't required to have them there. One problem I've had with previous forms was that because the nipples were permanently attached I ended up having to put a piece of cotton in front of the forms to keep the bump from showing up under my shirt. I don't have that problem here. They are perfect, and flexible.

Next is comfort. Like I said before, I would never have considered getting attachable forms before because I don't necessarily care to attach them. I'm perfectly happy having the forms just resting in my bra. But what is really cool about these attachable style forms is that you can put different backs on the forms! Why is this so handy? Well if you're like me and wearing them for hours every single day it's nice to be able to peel the back off the form and hand wash it, and put it back on. Over time if you didn't wash the forms or the backs they would start to smell, especially during the summer. Having the different backs lets you wash just the backs without having to go through the process of washing the entire form every day. It's really nice. I also have asked The Breast Form Store to make available for purchase a package of additional soft backs for these forms. It would be nice to be able to just attach new backs at the start of each day, and then at the end of the week throw them in the wash with my delicates in a delicates bag. I hope to see these offered soon!

Note from The Breast Form Store: We do have additional backs available for our clients. If you are interested, please let us know.

Lastly, these forms are really realistic. I've gotten so many compliments on them from people. Not inappropriate ones, just comments from other girls who are friends of mine who ask me if I had them done (if I had top surgery). I've even had a couple of my girl friends tell me they were jealous! These forms really do move with you and feel great under your clothes.

So are there any downsides? Well, none that I can think of. They are definitely a little more expensive than your typical forms, but worth the price in my opinion if you can afford them. Especially if you are full time like me, I'd definitely try and get some of the highest quality forms possible - and these fit that bill nicely. I suppose the only other downsides are ones shared with every other form - and that is that I wish I didn't have to use them and just had natural breasts! I can hardly hold that against the forms though, because for what they are, they are amazing. I wear these every single day now, and don't leave home without them.

I love them, plain and simple.

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