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Breast form accessories to either decorate you breast forms (or body) with attachable nipples or to maximize the longevity of your breast forms!

For a deep yet gentle clean

Is your bra too tight? Try our bra extenders!

Add volume without adding weight!

4 colors  •  7 sizes
Self-adhesive  •  Our most realistic  •  Reusable

4 colors  •  3 areola sizes
Realistic edges  •  Self-adhesive  •  Reusable

2 colors  •  Erect nipples
Semi-transparent  •  Self-adhesive  •  Reusable

Textured areolas  •  Erect nipples
Semi-transparent  •  Self-adhesive  •  Reusable
Attachable Nipples for Natural Breasts
1/2 inch projection  •  3 inch areola diameter
Semi-transparent  •  Self-adhesive  •  Reusable

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