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What our Travel Size Make-up Brush Kit includes:
Camouflage Concealer Brush

Apply your favorite creme based concealer accurately and quickly with our Camouflage Concealer Brush. Its soft, thin bristles are closely bound for smooth, even application when using creme and liquid foundations and concealers, and its small tip is perfect for masking imperfections.

Angled Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush

This thin, smooth brush features a precise, fine angled tip for smooth, accurate application of any powdered, creme, or liquid eyeliner or eyebrow tint. Its delicate slope helps to achieve an easy and effortless make-up application.

Chisel Fluff Eye Shadow Brush

This superior quality eye shadow brush is specifically crafted for smooth, even application and blending of eye shadows. With a soft, rounded shape, this brush is perfect for covering the lid of your eye in few strokes and for strategic highlighting towards your brow bone.

Angled Fluff Eye Shadow Brush

Specially crafted for applying and blending eye shadow. Our eye shadow brush features a soft angle that makes application of eye shadow in delicate areas like the inside corners of the eyes easy and gentle. Also an excellent choice for creating smoky eye and cat-eye looks.

Blush Brush

This beautiful yet sleek brush is designed for use with powders such as blushes and powdered foundations. Our blush brush's soft bristles are close enough together to provide an even stroke, but have enough movement to perfect blending and shading, making it the ideal tool for every girl's make-up kit. An excellent blush to use to highlight and lightly color your skin using blush or to smooth and unify skin using foundation.

All of our cosmetics are profesional make-up artist quality and are made in America.

Expert Tips
  • Always clean your brushes before and after every use to ensure the cleanest, smoothest application and to ensure that you're getting the most accuarate color pigment
  • Using a wet make-up brush with powder will give a different look than using a dry make-up brush with powder; wet make-up brushes tend to give a deeper, richer color that is more durable, whereas dry make-up brushes give a more lightweight, bright color that has a more sheer and natural appearance and is more easy to apply and blend
  • For best results, always use a clean eye shadow brush for every color you apply. Most women have at least two eye shadow brushes: one for lighter shades, and one for darker, more rich shades
  • Try blending two shades of your eye shadow on to your brush to lighten or darken the pigment before you apply it
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Travel Size Makeup Brush Kit

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