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Create the look of smooth skin with our Flawless Complexion Gel liquid foundation

This beautifully packaged complexion gel works like a liquid foundation, covering up blemishes and smoothing and evening out skintone for a beautiful look. Our Flawless Complexion Gel features an advanced, antioxidant-enriched formulation for healthy, beautiful skin.

Our Flawless Complexion Gel will reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Best of all, this water-resistant gel also works to lock in moisture and prevent shine, making it a perfect choice for dance clubs, yoga class, or other events.

All of our cosmetics are profesional make-up artist quality and are made in America.

Expert Tips
  • Always make sure to apply foundation to your forehead, even if you are planning on wearing your hair or a wig in a style that has bangs. Bangs can move with wind, dancing, or even moving your head.
  • Pay special attention to your "T-Zone" (your forehead and down your nose) when applying powder foundation. This is usually the first area where your skin will begin to look shiny, and powdered foundation helps to hide and prevent shine.

Please note: Our Flawless Complexion Gel does contain dimethicone, a silicone-based polymer commonly found in cosmetics. This ingredient makes our Flawless Complexion Gel unsafe for use on breast forms and other silicone products. Please use our Two-Way Powder Foundation in lieu of Flawless Complexion Gel if required.

Our Flawless Complexion Gel is available in:



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Flawless Complexion Gel Liquid Foundation

$ 19 .95

How to Use Flawless Complexion Gel as a liquid foundation
  1. Wash your face, complete your shaving and post-shaving routine for the cleanest skin. Allow your face to completely dry. Tie any hair that falls in your face or close to your face back with hair ties and pins for the cleanest and easist make-up application.
  2. Apply a small amount of the Flawless Complexion Gel to a wedge-shaped sponge. Dab the wedge gently on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then, carefully and smoothly, blend each dot out across the surface of your skin, starting at your forehead. Use a left-to-right sweeping motion first, then move upwards towards your hairline and temples. Only a thin layer is required, but apply more gel if necessary.
  3. Using the dot on your chin, run a wedge side to side across and upwards in soft sweeping motions to your lips. Continue these soft motions until your chin and jawline (including just under your chin) have an even, natural looking blend of foundation.
  4. Using the remaining liquid on your wedge, run the tip of your wedge down the center of your nose down from the center of your brow to the tip of your nose. Gently blend the complexion gel outwards in to your cheeks and below to your philtrum (the area below your nose and above your lips).
  5. Using the dots of foundation on your cheeks, gently blend the gel outwards across your cheekbones and cheeks, excluding the area just below your eyes. Only a concealer or an anti-aging foundation should be used in this area due to the very delicate nature of the skin.
  6. Apply Flawless Complexion Gel to anywhere you feel you have missed or see uneven skintone, excluding the area around your eyes. Using any type of foundation on your eyes should only be done immediately before applying eye make-up.
  7. Completely allow for the Flawless Complexion Gel to dry. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on your application. Clean your wedge-shaped sponge with soap and water or dispose.
  8. If finished with your foundation, clean your brush or sponge, or dispose of the sponge. Continue on with your make-up routine.

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