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After a night out on the town but before going to bed, the most important thing to do is remove your make-up. Removing your make-up not only feels great, it allows your skin to breathe and prevents breakouts.

The best way to remove make-up around the eyes - and prevent the dreaded 'raccoon eyes' - is to use a specialized Eye Makeup Remover.

Our oil-free Eye Makeup Remover delicately removes all traces of make-up from your eyes without harsh chemicals or painful rubbing.

Formulated with healing aloe juice to rejuvenate the skin and soothing chamomile to relax you in for a night of sound sleep, our Eye Makeup Remover is sure to leave you with a clean slate for the next day!

The durable yet chic squeeze bottle features a double-secure lid to prevent leaking or spilling when taking off your makeup.

All of our cosmetics are profesional make-up artist quality and are made in America.

Expert Tips
  • Always remove make-up from your eyes first before removing the rest of your make-up, as that mascaras and eye lashes can flake on to your cheeks during the removal process.
  • Eye makeup remover can be used anywhere on the face, but is gentle enough for the soft skin that surrounds your eyes.
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Eye Makeup Remover

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How to Use Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover
  1. Apply a small amount of the makeup remover to a cotton pad. Wipe gently around the eye where makeup has been applied to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. For more accurate removal in the corners of your eyes, apply the makeup remover to a cotton swab and wipe.
  2. Continue the rest of your evening skin care routine as usual.

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