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Set the foundation to your look with our light Two-Way Powder Foundation

Whether you're laying the foundation for smooth, beautiful skin or you're highlighting your features, Two-Way Foundation is a lightweight powder foundation that is sure to make you positively radiant.

Two-Way Foundation's fine powder smoothes blemishes and evens out skintone to give your skin a flawless, movie-star look. Best of all, this foundation won't leave your skin feeling shiny or heavy.

Our Two-Way Foundation comes in a sexy compact that comes complete with a mirror in the top. It's small enough to slip in to your purse, and is great for adjusting your make-up on the go!

All of our cosmetics are profesional make-up artist quality and are made in America.

Please note: We are in the process of changing our packaging from our classic platinum containers to modern black containers.

Expert Tips
  • Always make sure to apply foundation to your forehead, even if you are planning on wearing your hair or a wig in a style that has bangs. Bangs can move with wind, dancing, or even moving your head.
  • Pay special attention to your "T-Zone" (your forehead and down your nose) when applying powder foundation. This is usually the first area where your skin will begin to look shiny, and powdered foundation helps to hide and prevent shine.
Our Two-Way Powder Foundation is available in:


Perfect Beige
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Two-Way Foundation

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How to Use Two-Way Powder Foundation
  1. Wash your face, complete your shaving and post-shaving routine for the cleanest skin. Allow your face to completely dry. Tie any hair that falls in your face or close to your face back with hair ties and pins for the cleanest and easist make-up application. Apply a liquid foundation, like our Flawless Complexion Gel, if desired.
  2. Using your blush brush or the provided sponge, gently pick up a small amount of Two-Way Foundation. Tap off any excess amount in to the sink or a paper towel, or back in to the container. Apply the powder on your face, starting with your forehead. Sweep the brush gently, side to side, across your forehead towards your hairline and temples. Apply more powder if needed.
  3. Gently move the powder down your nose and to the area just around your nose. Apply the foundation to your cheeks with firm but gentle pressure.
  4. Sweep the brush or sponge side to side over your chin and just above your lip to smooth out your skin tone. Apply more foundation to anywhere where your skin tone seems uneven, excluding the area around your eyes. Using any type of foundation on your eyes should only be done immediately before applying eye make-up.
  5. If finished with your foundation, clean your brush or sponge, or dispose of the sponge. Continue on with your make-up routine.

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