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For girls just beginning to experiment with make-up, the selection available can be intimidating. For girls who know what products they like, finding products that suit their needs while still being affordable can be a challenge. We've searched long and hard to find high-quality, affordable cosmetics and make-up for all girls.

Give your look a complete make-over, update your make-up collection with fashion's latest colors, or learn the ins and outs on what make-up is and how to apply it with our cosmetics and make-up collections.

Makeup Kits — Perfect for beginners!

Our make-up kits have been specially developed for girls who are new to make-up or are looking to restart their collections with the best products at the cheapest prices. Complete with easy, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve professional-looking results and expert tips, these kits are a great choice for you and your wallet!

Includes additional makeup sponges

Great for using when wearing wigs

Travel size
Apply your make-up like a professional make-up artist!

Foundation, Concealers, & Beard Covers

For creating an even skin tone and hiding imperfections such as scars and pimples, foundations and concealers are the be-all and end-all. Not only do these products make your skin look smooth, they can be used to help contour and accentuate your features.

Helps hide beard stubble!
Also works as a foundation
Can be used with RealBreast breast forms

Healing properties help with razorburn and acne

Includes additional makeup sponges

Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

Change your look up by using a different shade of your favorite eye shadows and lipsticks. These specially formulated shades will help to show off your personality and accent your natural beauty, and are perfect for the make-up lover!

6 great palettes to choose from!

New and improved formula!

5 great colors for all skintones
Strawberry Vanilla scent

Moisturizing lipstick in 4 great colors!

For a natural, feminine glow on your chekes

Finishing Touches

These finishing touches will take you from fabulous to glamourous, all day long! These are a must for girls who want to have that extra sparkle or for any make-up enthusiast.

Get longer, thicker lashes in an instant!

Great for using when wearing wigs

Helps stop make-up from smearing and smudging!

Makeup Brushes & Tools

Using professionally developed, high quality make-up brushes and clean applicator tools such as sponges make applying make-up not only accurate and hygienic, but easier. Our selection of tools are designed to be versatile and easy to use; they're perfect for the make-up artist or the girl new to wearing make-up.

Travel size
Apply your make-up like a professional make-up artist!

Setting Sprays & Makeup Removers

Helps stop make-up from smearing and smudging!

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