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Featured Product: SELENE Smoothing Gaff

Padded Panties

Give your rump a bump with padded panties! Padded panties are a fun and comfortable way to fill out your silhouette and dress up. Cut from popular womens' underwear styles, padded panties feel lady-like while you wear while adding inches to your curves for a more volumptious, shapely look.

Undergarments - Underworks Hip and Rear Padded Panty [514]
Best Seller! Enhances your hips and rear with smooth lines for a more feminine figure.
Made in America. Available in Black or White

Undergarments - TRANSFORM Hip and Rear Padded Panty [17200]
Classic hip and rear padded panty style.
Available in Black, Pink or Beige

Gaffs for Crossdressing

Known as the cross dresser's secret, gaffs are an absolute must for any girl's underwear and lingerie collection. Gaffs are ladies underwear designed for men, often as a thong or g-string. With a unique design, gaffs flatten the front of your genital area to give you a smooth, contoured, and feminine look.

Undergarments - Classic Gaffs [GAFF-CHN]

Available in Black, Nude & White
While supplies last!

Undergarments - Classic Gaffs [GAFF-CLA]
Available in Nude, Black, White & Lavender

Undergarments - Luxury Gaffs [GAFF-LUX]
Available in 6 colors
With Chito Sante anti-bacterial treatment

Undergarments - Divine Collection Selene Smoothing Gaff ONLY [GAFF-SEL]
Available in 7 colors
Change the color of your Selene gaff in an instant!

Sexy Panties for Men

Undergarments - TRANSFORM See-Thru Lace Panty [175]
Creates a super-sexy look when worn over of gaffs!
Available in 5 different colors

Undergarments - Lace Cheeky Panty [3311]
Gaff-style panty for smooth lines!
Available in Black, Ivory and Plum

Waist Cinchers and Shapewear

Slim your waist and help accentuate your natural curves by wearing a woman's secret weapon: the waist cincher. Waist cinchers and shapewear are designed to flatten and smooth your body to create a flatter belly and more feminine figure.

Undergarments - TRANSFORM Waist Shaper [17200-0/1]

Creates the appearance of a slimmer waist

Undergarments - TRANSFORM Body Shaper [17220-2/3]

Creates the appearance of a slimmer waist


When you want to look like a lady 'down there,' a v-string is a perfect choice! These undergarments are designed to create the appearance of female anatomy while hiding your own.

Undergarments - Divine Collection SELENE Smoothing Gaff Vagina Panty [SELENE]
Available in 3 skintones & 6 colors

Undergarments - Divine Collection SELENE Vagina Tutu [TUTU]

Available in 3 skintones

Undergarments - Gurl Shorts [GS]
Designed like a padded panty girdle
Available in 6 skintones

Bra & Matching Panty Sets

For a sure-fire way to feel sexy and beautiful all the way down to your skin, bra & panty sets transform your daily undergarments in to your favorite lingerie!

Undergarments - TRANSFORM See-Thru Bra and Lace Panty Set [7500]
Available in 5 different colors!

Undergarments - Cheeky Combo Lace Bra and Panty Set [2311/3311]
Designed for big breasts!
Gaff-style panty for smooth lines
Available in Black, Ivory and Plum

Undergarments, Padded Panties & Waist Cinchers

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