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With "Triple Stick" Holding Strength. Waterproof!

AT LAST! Go braless without messy sprays and difficult removal. Our tapes are a simple, safe and secure way to make any* silicone breast form attachable. Our hypoallergenic, double sided medical adhesive tapes, hold breast forms and enhancers securely in place. Breast forms are easily removed, leaving no residue.

Triple Stick Double Sided Tapes adhere three ways:

  1. The first action of the tape adhesive easily adheres breast forms or breast enhancers to your chest.
  2. The tapes are pressure sensitive. The firmer you press the breast form or breast enhancer against your chest, the better it will adhere.
  3. The adhesive is also heat sensitive, becoming stronger as it warms to your body temperature for the secure you need.
Tape Kits Save Money!

Our tape kits are designed to save you money! Some kits have combinations of our double-sided V tapes that can be used in various configurations on your breast forms or clothing. Other kits include Skin Tac Wipes, which are used for rejuvenating tapes several times with a single wipe.

Deal #1

36 Double Sided Tapes
Inclues 2 Skin Tac Wipes samples
Deal #2

24 Double Sided Tapes
12 Skin Tac Wipes
Purchase Item

Double Sided Tapes
36 Tapes

$ 19 .95
Purchase Item

Double Sided Tapes
24 Tapes, 12 Skin Tac Wipes

$ 19 .95

Deal #3

48 Double Sided Tapes
24 Skin Tac Wipes
Deal #4

100 Double Sided Tapes
Inclues 2 Skin Tac Wipes samples
Purchase Item

Double Sided Tapes
48 Tapes, 24 Skin Tac Wipes

$ 35 .95
Purchase Item

Double Sided Tapes
100 Tapes

$ 44 .95

Deal #5

200 Double Sided Tapes
Inclues 2 Skin Tac Wipes samples
Deal #6

200 Double Sided Tapes
50 Skin Tac Wipes
Purchase Item

Double Sided Tapes
204 Tapes

$ 84 .95
Purchase Item

Double Sided Tapes
204 Tapes, 50 Skin Tac Wipes

$ 99 .95

Triple Stick Tapes are reusable over and over!

There's no need to replace tapes after each use! Simply wipe the tapes with Skin Tac ipes and the adhesive becomes active again. Clients are reporting over 10 uses for a single set of tapes! Naturally, results may vary, depending on how well you prepare your skin, how oily your skin is naturally, and the size of the breast forms or enhancers being attached.
For more information on Skin Tac Wipes, click here.

Why Use Our Double-Sided Tapes?
  • "Triple Stick" holding strength: now you can go braless using any* silicone breast form!
  • Makes any breast form feel like a real breast on your chest.
    The weight of the breast form is borne by your chest, the way it should be, not your bra straps.
  • Great for holding breast enhancers in place, with or without a bra!
  • Use the tapes to keep your breast form from sliding around in your bra.
  • Lets you wear strapless bras: the tapes do the work instead of your bra.
  • Combines with Skin Tac Wipes to become reusable and very inexpensive, saving you money!
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Tapes are invisible and mold to your skin.
  • Waterproof! Wear it with your favorite bathing suit and swim forms.
  • Finally, no more messy spray adhesives that leave your skin red and blotchy.
  • Leaves no sticky residue on your chest.
  • Can be trimmed to match the shape of your breast form.
  • Once again, The Breast Form Store is able to offer the lowest price anywhere, for the highest quality.

Please Note

*Important: Skin irritation caused by the use of the tapes is very rare. If irritation does occur, discontinue use of the tapes. Skin Tac Wipes were originally designed to help tape adhere better and provide a protective barrier against irritation from tapes. If you see that redness or a rash may be starting, rest the skin for a few days. Try tapes again, but before applying tapes to your body, wipe the area with the Skin Tac Wipes. Allow the area that was wiped to dry, then apply the tapes.


One tape will secure a small breast form or Secret Shape Breast Enhancer in place. To go braless wearing a breast form, we recommend two tapes* per form to make them fully secure, depending on your breast form size. For breast forms size 7 to 10, three tapes may be required, and larger forms will require more. This will depend on form weight and size.

Some very large forms may not be suitable for use with tape because their weight may put too much stress on your chest and the breast form.

After the breast forms are removed, the tapes can be rejuvenated using our Skin Tac Wipes. You should be able to rejuvenate your tapes at least twice; many clients are using them several times, depending on how well you have cleaned your chest. TheBreastFormStore includes full instructions on getting the most out of your tapes.

We also recommend that you exfoliate your skin before applying tapes for the best results. As a last step, wiping your chest with alcohol will assist in the tape adherence.

*Important: Not all breast forms are designed to be used with tapes. Unless otherwise stated, all of our forms can be used with tapes. Use caution when removing tapes from forms or damage may result. We cannot be responsible for damage caused to forms by use of tape.

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