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Reg. $49.95
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Reg. $49.95
Now on sale

SHOWN: Lexi 60 Cinnamon

SHOWN: Lexi 60 Blush
Our very realistic Divine Nipples are the ultimate way to personalize your breast forms!
  • Can be attached directly to your body
  • Self-adhering design is easy to position
  • Our most realistic and lifelike attachable nipples ever
  • Safe to use with all types of breast forms and enhancers
  • Washable and reusable design will last for years
  • Semi-transparent edges help to blend to your body or forms
  • Hand crafted for you in Canada by skilled artists
  • Available in 7 sizes for the perfect look
  • Available in 4 colors: Rose, Blush, Cinnamon and Chocolate

Every pair of Divine Nipples are unique. Divine Nipples are crafted by hand by a team of artists that are dedicated to making lifelike, natural feeling nipples. Their craftsmanship may lead to subtle changes that occur naturally on the nipples, creating a more lifelike appearance.

SHOWN: Lexi 60 Cinnamon

Why we love our Divine Nipples
  • Available in 7 different sizes and 4 different colors
    • Seven sizes ranging from our petite Candi 35 up to our ravishing Roxi 80
    • Each size has a different projection, so you can be as subtle or as naughty as you like
    • Four different colors to give four completely different looks
  • Our most realistic design is sure to make you look and feel feminine
    • Our Divine Nipples are our most realistic nipples ever
    • Soft silicone design moves under your fingers like real nipples
    • The silicone gel is specially designed to look like real skin with no shine
  • Designed to be worn with your favorite breast forms & enhancers, or on your body
    • Semi-hollow nipples fit perfectly over your breast form nipples, yet won't collapse with play
    • Naturally curved design doesn't lift up from your breast form when you touch them
    • Self-adhering design makes them easy to position and re-position without messy glues
    • Safe to adhere directly to your skin
  • Hand crafted by skilled artists to create the ultimate appearance
    • Each color features a number of different tones to look more realistic
    • Made in Canada using only high quality silicones

Divine Nipples are available in the following colors:

All styles are shown in Lexi 60 size.





Divine Nipples are available in the following sizes:

All styles are shown in Cinnamon color.

Candi 35
Areola: 1 3/8 inches across
Nipple: 3/8 inches wide
¼ inches protrusion

Misti 40
Areola: 1 5/8 inches across
Nipple: ½ inches across
¼ inches protrusion

Gigi 45
Areola: 1 ¾ inches across
Nipple: ½ inches across
¼ inches protrusion

Lola 50
Areola: 1 7/8 inches across
Nipple: 5/8 inches across
¼ inches protrusion

Lexi 60
Areola: 2 3/8 inches across
Nipple: 5/8 inches across
3/8 inches protrusion

Destini 70
Areola: 2 ¾ inches across
Nipple: ½ inches across
¼ inches protrusion

Roxi 80
Areola: 3 1/8 inches across
Nipple: 5/8 inches across
½ inches protrusion

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Divine Nipples

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Returns and Exchanges

Like our Aphrodite breasts, Divine Nipples are luxury silicone nipples that are hand crafted by skilled artists. Due to the self-adhesive backing, dead skin cells and oils are also removed when the nipples are removed from the body. For this reason, Divine Nipples cannot be returned or exchanged for hygienic reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

SHOWN: Lexi 60 Blush

Divine Nipples are easy to position, wear and remove
  1. Gently lift each nipple up from the cradle and position as desired
  2. When it's time to remove the nipples, gently lift the edges and peel up
  3. Wash with Divine Collection Breast Form Wash
  4. Let Divine Nipples air dry and store in the provided storage box

SHOWN: Two of the Divine Collection storage boxes

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If you are located in the United States... This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA

If you are located in Canada... This item will ship from Delta, BC

If you are located in another country... This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA

All Canadian orders ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All US and international orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. Holidays and post office closures may cause your order to ship a day sooner or later.

As always, your nipples will be shipped discreetly in a plain, unmarked box with no identifying labels.

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