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Gold Seal breast forms and Aphrodite breast forms comparison & review by Selene

My Aphrodite forms arrived a couple of weeks ago. I've had the chance to try them out a couple of times, and here's what I've found:

The Gold Seal and Aphrodite breast forms offer distinctly different visual, tactile and integration experiences.

The Gold Seals are shinier, look more like plastic. The Aphrodite breast forms are matte, look more like real skin, and their areolae are more detailed and realistic looking. In profile, the Gold Seals are more "dome-like", more roundish, whereas the Aphrodite forms dip down somewhat along the bottom edge, kind of like the shape of a fishhook, which some might consider to be a more natural shape. The Aphrodite forms are also somewhat broader across both horizontally and vertically, so occupy more visual space on the chest than the Gold Seals.

To the touch, the surface of Aphrodite breast forms feel closer to real skin -- rougher than the Gold Seals, which feel smoother and silkier, more like plastic, though some people may find that silky smoothness a plus. The Aphrodite breast forms are significantly firmer than Gold Seal breast forms. The consistency of Aphrodite breast forms is close to bread dough after it's risen, whereas Gold Seals feel more like Jell-o or pudding. Pushing into the Aphrodite breast forms feels a bit more like memory foam (though not that firm) - the forms resist and hold their pushed-in shape for just a fraction of second before returning to shape, whereas the Gold Seals bounce back out instantly. The Gold Seals have more "give" when grabbing or kneading - up to the limit of the elasticity of the plastic bag that forms their skin. Once you reach the bag's elasticity limits, then they don't stretch any further. The Aphrodite breast forms feel less stretchy overall, but since they have no outer skin the consistency remains constant no matter how deeply you push into them.

The Gold Seals have much more jiggle and bounce than the Aphrodite breast forms, though the Aphrodite breast forms spread out and adhere much more naturally, creating a much smoother and more natural transition from your body to the form. The back skin of the Aphrodite breast forms feels sticky - not because of any kind of adhesive, but because of the way the silicone has been cured, kind of like the design of silicone rubber cup holder pads sold for cars. The result is that the Aphrodite breast forms cling to your chest, spread out, and feel like they become more a part of your body than the Gold Seals. Even when using Hollister adhesive with the Gold Seals,* they just don't morph in to the chest like the Aphrodite forms do. That said, once they are adhered, the Gold Seals move and bounce more than the Aphrodite forms, which tend to feel more static and stationary on the chest.

What feels looks "real" to you will depend very much on what you expect and what you are used to. To me, the Aphrodite breast forms feel more real to my chest and my palms, but the Gold Seals feel more real to my fingers. The Aphrodite breast forms blend and hang more naturally, but the Gold Seals move and bounce more naturally. Some say that the Aphrodite breast forms are closer to a young girl's breasts, whereas the Gold Seals feel somewhat more mature. I think that is a somewhat useful comparison, though not entirely accurate, as to me the Aphrodite breast forms are firm, but lack the bounce, jiggle and give of natural breasts that the Gold Seals come closer to approximating. Customers interested in having an experience that looks real when going out on the town as well as an experience that feels real to their hand might want to consider buying both sets of breast forms, one for public appearances, and the other for more private tactile experiences.

-Paul, a.k.a. Serene

* Please note that using Hollister Spray Adhesive on Gold Seal breast forms does void the warranty included with the forms. Please review your warranty information before using Hollister Spray Adhesive with your breast forms.

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