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Divine Collection Aphrodite breasts review by Rhonda

I recently received my order for your new Aphrodite breast forms, size large.

I am very pleased to tell you and all the other shoppers that these babies are 100% worth it. I must have 8 or more different sets of forms of various makes and sizes. These Aphrodite forms have made them all into my spares. I LOVE THESE FORMS. They attach easily, stay on, are not as heavy as similar sized forms, but still move realistically, they feel great on and great to touch. I can sleep in them! (Yea!!).

Aphrodite forms are well designed, well constructed, VERY REALISTIC LOOKING, and an absolute joy for this girl. Can't wear them often enough. The directions for attaching them are very simple and thorough, they clean up easily, the adivice of using a very little bit of spray adhesive on the larger forms is spot on. It's 11:30 am on Tuesday. I've been wearing these since 9:00 am yesterday, and will take them off in awhile only so I can go to a doctor appointment. As soon as I get home, they go back on.

These Aphrodite forms are as close to being real breasts as I can imagine. I love them! Thank you for finding them and making them available to us girls.

Regards, Rhonda

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