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Divine Collection Aphrodite breasts review by Alexis

First off, the girls at the BFS are amazing! They are very sweet, supportive, and answer all of your questions promptly and in detail. World class customer services is the only way to describe it. I ordered the Devine Collection Aphrodite breast forms a few weeks ago and was beyond excited to open my package when it came in the mail. The shipping package was very discrete. Once I got through the shipping box I got to the product package. Wow! When I saw how neat and pretty the storage box was for these breast forms I knew the artist who crafted them really put a lot of love and effort into making this product. Before I review the product itself, I will say that I always have low expectations when ordering something new so I'm not left disappointed. After all, how real can glue-on boobs be compared with real breast implants? Well... Pretty real it turns out.

I have a 40 in. bra band and I ordered the size large which leaves me with a 40D. The size and shape was exactly what I was going for and the sizing chart with technical info were very helpful in making the correct size selection. The forms were naturally very sticky and I had good fun playing with them without medical adhesive. Having said that, when glued on it was a blast walking, jiggling, squishing them together, etc without worry. Naturally; the perkiness, feel and movement of these forms is very similar to fake breast implants, not soft sagging natural boobs. For me, this is exactly what I wanted, as is probably the case for most other women out there. The colour did not match my skin tone but the beauty of the Aphrodite forms, unlike some other forms, is that they accept makeup. A quick dabbing of bronzer made them blend in with my natural tanned skin tone. You will not be able to help feel like a woman with these things attached to you. They quickly become part of your body and feel amazing.

There isn't really anything negative to say about this product but I will make the following notes. You have to keep an open mind about the realism of these forms. What I mean is, don't expect to walk around topless on a beach like they are completely unnoticeable. Under clothing, definitely. For a photo shoot under the right lighting, definitely. The only thing that gives them away when completely exposed is the edge. It can be very difficult to get the feathered edge to adhere perfectly with your body. I think with a bit more time to play with them I can perfect the technique but it will always be a bit noticeable. That works for me though, because I'm a glam girl and prefer sexy clothing over naked body any day.

- Alexis

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