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Divine Collection Aphrodite breasts reviews

"I received my order today and am just awestruck by the realism of the Divine Collection Aphrodite forms. I immediately followed the simple instructions and attached them. After just staring at myself for about 10 minutes in the mirror, I can definitely say these are the most incredible forms I have ever seen. The look and feel is so real- just FABULOUS!

"Thank you so much. I will definitely be getting another pair of these if they ever wear out. It would be nice if you could design and produce even smaller sizes (like down to an 36A). In any case, great product and as always great support!

- Lyssa"

"I absolutely LOVE my Aphrodites (never felt more womanly with these)"

"The best breasts I have ever bought."

"I use the product with or without bra and with clothes on. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the realistic look and willing to pay a bit more to get it."

"OMG I have to share this with everyone who may be thinking about buying Aphrodite Breast Forms! I've purchased five pairs now in various sizes and these forms are the very best by far. The nipples are realistic yes very realistic, some are a bit more erect then others which is fine by me since I can wear one that matches my mood. For years I've worn secret shapes out and about but now wear my small Aphrodite Breasts every day without a second look, yay! And you get to sleep in them as a bonus! One bit of advice, if you choose to use the medical adhesive don't use a lot. It will build up on your forms and I haven't found a way to get it off completely."

"Realistic in every way, but sizing is difficult to determine for desired end result."

"Personal use. Excellent product."

"Very nice. I use it for 'self service'."

"The form is outstanding. Any other form I've used in the past does not measure up....."

"I use the product to complete my Fem look feel great and they don't move around witch I really like very pleased"

"Excellent quality and can wear day after day without adhesives or tapes."

"Fast and easy to put on, and gives me a beautiful shapely bust. I'm very satisfied with it so far. Although I can't wear revealing tops with it, it's wonderful for the price."

"I think the quality of this product is excellent, it is concave to fit the male breast area quit well."

"I love the way they feel and look on me!"

"Really love these size large forms, only wish they projected a bit more as do a size 8 in the transform classics... both fitting a 38D, just differently."

"I use the APHRO XL breast forms to sleep in. The forms I'm using currently I've used for nearly a year. I haven't had any problems with them and they are very comfortable."

"I love cross dressing and they really make me feel like a woman. The best forms I have ever purchased. Highly recommend them to all cross dressers who want to have womanly breasts without having surgery. I wear them whenever I can."

"The forms are fantastic! I would highly recommend them to other transgendered men. I want to wear them all the time."

"The quality was as good as expected and the results were better than expected."

"OMG! These breast forms are AMAZING! I am so glad I found the Breast Form Store and that they carry these. I've actually purchased 2 different sizes and it was well worth the money. And they feel AMAZING!!"

"They were a gift for my girlfriend, who absolutely adores them. They were true to the size chart, and easy for her to apply. She loves them, and can't stop talking about real they feel."

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