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Divine Collection Aphrodite breasts review by Sarah J.

I just had to tell you how much I love my Aphrodite Divine breast forms.

First of all thank you The Breast Form Store for carrying the Aphrodite Divine breast form. I have worn several different styles of breast form but none can compare to this form. I can't tell you how wonderful and feminine it makes me feel when I put on my Aphrodite breast form on a Friday when I transform into Sarah and know that they will be on all weekend long. I can do anything and no have to worry about them sliding out of place like others I have worn. The first night I was able to sleep with my breasts forms on without having to wear a bra was wonderful. With the medical adhesive I do not half do worry about getting a rash like I did using tapes with other forms. My Aphrodite Divine breast forms are a godsend and I can't tell you how great they make me feel.

The forms are the most realistic I have ever worn. They make me feel like I have real breasts, The weight is right, the feel is right and even the jiggle is right. After they have been on for a while I can't tell you how feminine I feel when I go shopping for clothes and I don't have to worry about my breasts falling off while I change outfits and even bras, or when I go to bed in a sexy baby doll nightie. I can now expand my wardrobe to include items that require you go braless, knowing that I have the breast form to pull it off with.

- Sarah J.

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