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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Kimberly

I purchased a pair of size three RealBreast Two Piece breast forms in Dec 2010 from The Breast Form Store. I started with the tone kit, and got it right away, so selecting my skin tone was easy and fast, starting the rather long 4-5 week lead-time to get them delivered.

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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Roxanne

I eagerly anticipated the delivery of my new forms and "like a young teenage girl growing her new natural breasts" anxiously opened them upon arrival. I was greeted with two awesome breathtaking lifelike female breasts with beautiful sumptuous luscious erect nipples. They are as nice as any woman could ever want. ... I will say that the most incredible part of this experience is that my new breasts being attached to me become a part of me and as a part of me they move, lift, hang and react veritably like any female's normal breasts. ... I can now go braless and enjoy my breasts free of clothing of any kind. I do wear a tight tee or cami as suggested. (I personally did not experience the issue of not adhering to me as a couple of other clients have described.)

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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Azira

If you are reading these reviews, you are probably thinking about ordering these Real Breast forms but perhaps are hesitating a bit because of the cost. No question, they are more expensive than others, but what you have to appreciate at is that these are custom appliances and what you are paying for is just fabulous artistry. There is just no other breast form appliance on the market that I have found that does such a superb job of creating the illusion.

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RealBreast Breast Forms Reviews

I've had this pair of size four Real Breast forms for about a month now. I love them more every time I put them on. They are a total game changer.
- Heather

I've received the forms and I'm impressed by the realism of it. I've timed myself in terms of putting it on and taking it off and the whole process takes almost an hour! But it looks shockingly good. However, after one or two wears, I realised the silicone fringes are not sticky anymore which is exactly what I suspected from the first time I saw how the fringeswere designed. I got a bunch of adhesive which is quite confusing because there were no instructions on how to use them.
- Anon.

We received the new breast forms on Friday. My husband spent hours on Saturday and again, today, but could not get the breasts to stick to his skin. He even tried using the sticky tapes from his other forms, and they stuck to him, but not to the back of the new forms. He tried using the spray adhesive, and that only held for a short time. He's been using breast forms for 18 years, and is not a novice. His skin was prepped. He wanted to go braless as promised, but they would slowly creep down his chest, even with a tight, very supportive camisole. This was while he was still getting ready, and applying his make-up. Dancing was out of the question. He says that the backs are softer than the silicone that's used on the fronts. He thought they were made very differently than the Gold Seal Classics that he also has. The adhesive doesn't work, so he tried using his tapes, which stuck to his skin, and not the backs of the new forms. He said that he tried using the tack wipes from his other forms and that they were better than the spray. Bottom line, these breast forms do not work the way they should. They look great, but if you can't wear them, that's a big problem.
- Anon.

The forms arrived today and I have to say, they are absolutely brilliant. Amazing. I love them.
- Anon.

While the quality and realism of the forms is simply amazing, the sales process which would ensure the correct product is ordered is simply fail. It is unfortunate; it's an excellent product, but it is destined for failure unless the manufacturer figures out how to deal with this issue.

You asked me to provide some feedback when I placed the order as this is a new product for you. I cannot in good conscience recommend this otherwise amazing product. I am unfortunately incredibly disappointed, not with any lack of quality, but a simple lack of maturity in the sales & logistics chain.

RealBreast Breast Forms Tips & Tricks
  • One of our clients has experienced success with using hair spray to help create an adhesive bond between the skin and the forms.
  • Are you having issues with the edges of your One Piece RealBreasts rolling? One of our clients has told us that she's experienced great success in using parchment paper to keep the edges from rolling when she's attaching the breast forms.
What to do about curling edges with RealBreast breast forms

The following information has been provided by the artisans who craft the RealBreast forms:
Every customer should keep in mind that every person has different types of skin. Some more naturally oilier than others. That is why before trying to apply the prosthetic, one should always clean the area of skin the prosthetic is being applied to. Overall, taking a shower or bathing would be the best choice. Do not use moisturizers, or moisturizing soaps, especially in or around said area. Making sure the skin is dry and clean is one of the most important steps to having a successful application.

Following the provided directions and the directions on the materials we supply should yield a good result. However there a few tips or ideas to keep in mind:

Make sure once the adhesive is applied to the prosthetic, you wait 3 to 5 minutes before placing it on your chest. This allows it to tack up. If not allowed some drying time, the glue will not be as effective.

You can also try applying the adhesive to both your skin and the prosthetic. It is important to NOT overdo it. You want a fine, even layer. Keep in mind that if you apply it to your skin, you may get overspray in areas that the prosthetic is not touching. You can always use your UniSolve wipes to clean off said over spray.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every set of breasts is made on a generic "back". Because of this and the nature of the silicone itself the forms want to stay in a specific shape. So over-stretching the silicone WILL cause it to slide or curl. You don't want to be stretching the silicone. You want it to lay down the way it wants to. This can be difficult, so it's a good idea to practice a few times.

A rule of thumb when it comes to applying prosthetics of any kind is to work from the inside out. Pressing down the center of the form against your chest in the desired area and then working your way out to the edges works best.

If after you have applied it, you still have curling edgesm the best option would be to spray some of the adhesive into a small cup and use a brush to apply it in the desired area, keeping mind to let it set up for a few moments before sticking it back down. Using a hair dryer set to warm to speed up the dry time does work too. Making sure the silicone is not stretched is key.

Also, perspiration can, over time, eat away at the adhesive. Picking up some zinc oxide powder and applying it before hand to your chest should prevent this. Zinc is one of the main ingredients in anti-perspirant and works well as adhesive primer. One should note that doing this can in some cases make it difficult to remove the adhesive later.

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To share your feedback, please e-mail us at [email protected]. Please let us know whether or not you would like us to share your name (first name or femme name), or if you would prefer to be recognized as anonymous.

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