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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Roxanne

I eagerly anticipated the delivery of my new forms and "like a young teenage girl growing her new natural breasts" anxiously opened them upon arrival. I was greeted with two awesome breathtaking lifelike female breasts with beautiful sumptuous luscious erect nipples. They are as nice as any woman could ever want.

After reading the literature I carefully put them on and WOW, simply magnificent. I admired myself in the mirror, delighted that they looked so sensual, authentic and pleasing. It was amazing. I simply could not get over how much more female I felt. My nipples are enough to make any girl jealous. The breast and nipple's soft skin like texture is just so real it defies description.

My new breasts are immensely gratifying and so pleasurable to feel on. Frankly, I can't keep my hands off of myself, insatiably cupping, massaging and squeezing them all over; as well as pinching and pulling my nipples like so many girls enjoy. I say again the supple skin like texture and softness of my breasts is just so fantastic. They "bounce and jiggle," ohh so nice. They taper at the edges to smoothly blend into the natural curves of your body making them remarkably natural and shapely. I love the feeling of the weight of them on me.

I will say that the most incredible part of this experience is that my new breasts being attached to me become a part of me and as a part of me they move, lift, hang and react veritably like any female's normal breasts. When bending over they of course hang and the feeling of the weight of them is just so comparable to the natural thing as a female friend could best describe the likeness to me.

I can now go braless and enjoy my breasts free of clothing of any kind. I do wear a tight tee or cami as suggested. (I personally did not experience the issue of not adhering to me as a couple of other clients have described.) What a marvelous sensation. The only physical effect missing is the nerve endings and sensitivity of the breast and nipples of a normal female. I am oh so jealous of women. I will say with emphasis though that any sensation of contact or touching is transferred right through to me and the feeling is absolutely exciting, wonderful and pure ecstasy,. My "Real Breasts" are indubitably as genuine as it can possibly get for me without an implant operation or taking hormones.

I've had a chance to wear my new breasts now a number of times and unlike another reviewer's input (and I don't understand for the life of me why he had an issue) but I've had NO, and I mean NO problem with my new breasts staying attached to my body. I've gone completely naked above the waist and "braless" for a little over an hour now on several occasions without any issues at all walking, bending over, sitting or whatever normal movement I make. I haven't gone running down the street with them flapping and bouncing and jiggling like a bowl of jello like some other women I've seen though!!

I do note as product information to other breast owners that bending over does have a bit of an unusual sensation at first and you think they're gonna fall off, but if your breasts are really attached properly, don't worry. Why? I think it's simply because you're not used to having the weight of breasts hanging from your chest like a female. Also, you can't do this once you've had your breasts on for an extended period of time; the chemical adhesiveness just doesn't last that long so don't expect it to. Sorry ladies.

It's taken me nowhere near the length of time to apply my breasts that the other client described in his feedback. I had my breasts on in all about 54 hours and they still were adhering to my chest amazingly well at the time of removal. I had to actually remove them to get them off.

Real Breasts aren't going to be completely and totally invisible. These breasts are manmade and can't match the color of your actual flesh tone identically, no matter how customized you bought them. These are manufactured, not created by the Almighty.

I had my breasts on for about forty eight hours at the time of the photo. Maybe more importantly, notice how natural the part of my exposed breasts look in the demi. I've never been able to wear this sensual type of revealing bra prior to getting my new attachable RealBreasts. This new ability is simply awesome and I surely plan to purchase more of these sexy revealing bras. You can't see it here in these pics but the breast itself tapers to the side back toward my under arms "so naturally" as well.

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