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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Kimberly

I purchased a pair of size three RealBreast Two Piece breast forms in Dec 2010 from The Breast Form Store. I started with the tone kit, and got it right away, so selecting my skin tone was easy and fast, starting the rather long 4-5 week lead-time to get them delivered.

They arrived near the promised date, and I was amazed at the cosmetic quality! They do look as real as can be, even without the customization. (Not offered back then.) And the weight and feel when attached is really amazing! I have had some dozen or so pairs of forms through the years, and these are the closest to the feel and look of human breasts as I have seen.

Now the 'sticky' details. First of all, the transparent edge version, (only one offered back then...) can be attached and made to look like your own, but with each such application, that possibility becomes less and less likely to be passable on close inspection, and detectable nearby in a topless or bikini situation.

This is due to the really fragile 'transparent edge', a key to make them disappear into your skin, but also a problem from a handling and usage point of view. They are really thin, and tear very easily during removal, or longer wear periods, so be warned to use extreme care! I use Hollister Medical adhesive spray, and it does an excellent job of holding them on, but to get them off requires a lot of patience, some remover, and care for the delicate edge not to tear.

The topless look is about as fun as one can ask, but each installation slowly roughens the nice thin edge of the forms, and it becomes more work to conceal and obvious over time in a true topless situation. I was not careful enough early on, and after only some 5-8 'topless/bikini' applications, I could no longer hide the now rougher edges.

As this tearing occurs, it will continue on that line and into the main form, if you don't cut off the separate sides of the tear. Over my two years of use, the edges have had to be trimmed several times, and have slowly disappeared, making a topless or bikini look impossible to pull off anymore. But the forms still work great for light cami's or lace see-thru tops, the little bit of the top material hides the edges for you and from the comments from many friends, they look as real as a younger GG's!

I do still love them, even as worn and torn as they now are, as the look and feel of them is still as real as anything I have tried, and for me I can still wear them for 2-3 days in a row at the extreme end! Braless the whole time! Of course loving them so much, I often wore them overnight, resulting in the premature wear. Can you blame a girl? :)

I had two major complaints; the thin fragile edge, and the lack of reasonable cleavage creation. The separate forms work really well with a fuller coverage top, but if you try to bring them together for a low cut cleavage line, the edges wrinkle, and the illusion is quickly gone. It looks like they have addressed each of these issues with the new One Piece, and the thicker edge designs. I am in the market for some replacements, and thinking about the 'Thick Edge' version this time.

Also note, although these have the closest texture to human skin of any form I have seen, they are still soft silicone, and a bit tacky to the touch. Silk tops will not really slide over them like real skin, most fabrics cling a bit to the silicone material, which is not really so bad, as I typically am wearing a tighter cami or such anyway, and it's nice that the tacky texture helps hold the clothes in place. You will want to wear some kind of top or bikini over the nipples anyway, to prevent premature wear of their ends from clothing friction. Dusting with baby powder can help, but you must be careful not to get any on the glue side, or you will need to wash it off.

The center backing of the form is a nice tacky start for attachment, but to really get them to stick; you will need adhesive on the non-tacky edges, and prep. I use Hollister 7730 Medical Adhesive Spray, with a 'primer' of Smith & Nephew 'Skin Prep' on both the form and the chest skin attachment area. Skin must be free of hair, sweat, and should be exfoliated sometime before application, so the skin is clean/dry on application.

I typically place the forms before prep as desired on my chest, (practice, practice, practice!) and mark the area to receive prep by using my fingernail to make a light scratch to the skin along the edge of the form. This leaves a temporary red line on my skin, so I take off the form, and prep the skin area while I can still see where it went. I follow with wiping the outer edges of the form with the prep, and setting things aside to dry and get tacky.

No dancing or exercise while you wait the 3-5 minutes for the prep to dry! :) Sweating will reduce the adhesion, so try to sit quietly while you finish the prep work. When the prep is dry on the form edges, I then apply the Hollister spray. It's best to use a newspaper or such as a drop-cloth, and place the form edges flat on the paper for the edge spraying. No need to spray in the middle, the built in self-tack on there will be sufficient. I just rotate the form, and spray the next section I can lay flat on the drop-sheet, until the outside inch or so of the form edges is wet with spray.

I then place them into foam bra cup inserts to protect the nipples, to hold them from tipping over, and place them on a dresser or such, nipples down in the cups to let the glue set up. Keep the edges from touching anything! If the layer of glue is thin it might take only a few minutes to set-up, but I typically just wait 10 to 20 minutes for things to get nice and sticky. The longer you wait, the stiffer the glue becomes, and hence, better adhesion. Do your make-up or hair while you wait, again try to keep sweat to a minimum, and keep things off the prepped chest skin areas.

Of course you should have practiced getting the placement correct a few times before adding the glue, just to see which way works best on locating each form, and that practice comes in handy about now. You can remove and reattach if it's in the wrong location, but it is difficult, so it's best to get them on right the first try.

Once in position, you may have to do some tweaking of the edging material to get all the air bubbles out, and to get the least detectable edge. The edge can and often does fold onto itself, and this is the bit that requires patience, or a willing helper to GENTLY pull the thin material apart. This is where most of my tearing occurs. The material is stretchy, so lightly pulling and adjusting the edges is the best way to get just the right fit. It's a lot of tweaking sometimes, but once the edges are set in place, the hard part is over.

Now at this point I always try to make sure things are really set in place, and typically use a sports bra or tighter top to firmly hold the girls in position for the next 20 to 40 minutes or so. This helps the soft glue set-up the rest of the way while keeping everyone in place. (Note: If you rushed the glue set-up time, the glue will be much softer and things can start to slide around instead of sticking. Be patient, and wait for the glue to get thick and really sticky before putting them on.)

I have found that placing the forms on while the glue is wetter, while not ideal, is easily salvageable. The wetter glue will let you peel the forms off relatively easily, and it only requires a couple minutes off your body for the remaining glue on the form and your body to stiffen up. Then just reattach as previously.

After the set time in the bra or tight top, you are ready to go braless! There may be some excess glue around the edges, you can lightly clean this off, or use it to help a top stay in place, and prevent the edge of the form from being seen. I use a lace-top-edged camisole, it covers each form perfectly, and the lace makes the edge of the form simply disappear under it. The typical sticky edges just help hold it all in place, and it works perfect as a base layer under most every top I have. It also lets your blouse or dress slide around on the cami-covered form, instead of sticking to it, making a flawless natural look.

Of course to achieve bikini or topless looks, you have some more work ahead. I start with a much longer time in the sports bra, to really stick things in place. Then I clean off the form edges and skin of excess glue. This is a must to make cosmetics act properly, but don't get too carried away; too much solvent will loosen the glue! I use a solvent dampened cloth, and try to be very careful to always start on the form, and end on the skin, never the other way.

Once the form edges and skin are clean, I apply a powder-based foundation using a larger brush to the edge and skin areas along the top and side of the form, blending the edge. (Less detail paid to the bottom, as it kinda hides itself.) This takes some practice, sometimes multiple colors, and patience to get a reasonable look. I almost always used a bikini, as getting things to look perfect while completely topless just takes so long, and the bikini material can hide the uglier bottom edges, making for far less detail work. It is not easy to do the topless look, but it is possible. Just know it may take a few hours all together, and lots of patience!

To be honest, I don't think it's worth the effort to do the topless or bikini makeup very often, as all it takes is a lace cover-up, or other slightly see-thru top to make the form edges invisible with no makeup at all! Even bra-top dresses do the job covering the edges, and throwing on a light open weave sweater or cardigan over the top makes it as natural as can be. Much faster, and still a lot of realism. One white light see thru summer dress I have covers them perfectly, and it really looks like I am naked under it! With no makeup at all!

The length of time you can wear them is quite variable, dependent on a few factors. First and foremost, the glue really only holds onto dry skin. If you are an oily skinned person, you might have difficulty keeping things bonded, or if you sweat a lot from dancing or such. Oil or sweat will loosen the glue, and the form edge may come loose. This often occurs on the bottom edge, where sweat from the breast seeps down, and removes the bond of the glue there. This is not always an issue, as the top of the form typically stays dry, and firmly bonded, allowing continued wear time with no visible issues. You will notice the looseness of the fit after losing the bottom edge, and will start to feel some sagging, but overall, it will typically stay put.

If the sweating is really heavy, the glue will fail eventually, and the form will come loose, so it’s best to try to keep activity to a minimum while going braless. I find if I am doing office work and light activity, I can keep them on for a day or two easy enough, and for up to three days on one application. It's really just a matter of skin health rather than glue for me, too many days in a row, and the skin under the form gets pale, bathtub-wrinkly, and stinky from trapped sweat, so I typically don't go past two days anymore.

It's very important to wear something over the forms if you plan to wear them overnight in bed. A nightie, cami, or sleepshirt of your choice. This allows them to slide around in the bed covers, and prevents the soft silicone from getting caught on anything. The top also protects the fragile edges, and helps hold things in place. They are a very soft material, as they should be for proper feel, but you can really wear them out fast sleeping in them without some protection. I try not to do this very often, but for unplanned overnight visits I just don't have time to remove and reattach, and it's SO fun having them on all night, and when you wake up the next day! Not to mention what enjoyment your partner may get from that. ;)

Removal: Typically one or more edges might have come loose from sweat or skin oils, and I start there. I carefully grip the loose edge, and peel it back on itself, away from the skin. I use 'Walker Tape' Tape residue removal solvent to assist. It's a hydrocarbon solvent that quickly loosens the glue bond, so a damp cloth or such used to moisten the glue as you peel helps let the form come off the skin. Patience is the key here! Take your time, slow and steady. As I typically wear them for so long, the glue has loosened quite a bit, and I can often peel them off without solvent, but it's best to take your time and use solvent to keep damage to a minimum.

I can often use the same glue on the form for one more wearing; I just rejuvenate the glue on the form with a Skin-Tac wipe, or one of the 'Skin-Prep' wipes, and prep the skin as before. It is not as good as a fresh application, but works in a pinch when you did not have time to clean off the old glue.

Cleaning is best accomplished using a lot of solvent. I typically put a few table spoons of solvent into the back of one form, and then use the back of the other to work the two against each other, adding solvent to keep things slippery. This friction is what 'rolls' the glue off each of the forms, and is the fastest way to clean them off. You must be careful to use enough solvent, to keep them from sticking to each other. The edges can catch and tear if you are not careful.

This will remove most of the residue; I typically do this in the bathroom sink, with a paper towel to catch the overflow solvent, and simply follow with a bunch of liquid hand soap squirted onto the form and hand washing the rest of the residue off, along with the solvent. I then place them into foam bra cup inserts to protect the nipples, and place them on a dresser or such, nipples down in the cups to air dry the backs, before returning to the plastic holders they came with for storage.

I then use the solvent damp paper towel that was used to catch the extra solvent in the previous step, to rub off the excess glue on my skin. It takes solvent and friction to get it off, so add solvent if needed, and use the towel to rub/roll off the glue. I always follow the solvent cleaning of the skin with a favorite body wash, to help remove the solvent, and to freshen the covered skin. The solvent is safe, but I still like to wash after. Just smells better.

Overall I rate these one of the best forms out on the market today, and I will be ordering another pair shortly! They are not easy to use, and have issues, but so lifelike compared to all other forms, that this quality and look is worth all the extra effort and cost!

Best wishes!

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