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RealBreast Breast Forms Review by Azira

If you are reading these reviews, you are probably thinking about ordering these Real Breast forms but perhaps are hesitating a bit because of the cost. No question, they are more expensive than others, but what you have to appreciate at is that these are custom appliances and what you are paying for is just fabulous artistry. There is just no other breast form appliance on the market that I have found that does such a superb job of creating the illusion.

Just like you, I studied the reviews here on the web site by Kimberly and Roxanne carefully before purchasing, so I will assume you have read those reviews already. If not, please do as both of those girls do a great job describing the product, its realism, looks, and application techniques. I will not repeat what they have said here other than to tell you that they are absolutely right on in their respective reviews, so go ahead and read them.

Let me deal with the disadvantage of these forms right off the top. You cannot just slap them on. They will take care and patience to get on correctly, but I think that the effort is well worth it. As you have read from the reviews of Kimberly and Roxanne, once the Real Breasts are on correctly, the look and feel are absolutely unbelievable. Mine jiggle even in a bra and both men and women frequently ask me if they are real. There have even been times when I have had guys in a club or bar cop a feel, squeeze the nipple and then ask to suck the nipple. On more than one occasion, I have had a guy "engaged" with one of my Real Breast nipples for some time - even in a semi-public setting. Of course, I was super excited at the "illusion" going quite this far.

Last year, I purchased the Real Breasts in the single breastplate One Piece, style 3, with the thin vanishing edge. When that thin edge is applied correctly and nicely glued down, the blending is really nice, as you can see from the photos - even without makeup. Because this thin edge is a little delicate, you will need to learn to work with it carefully and gently to avoid tearing it. This simply takes time and practice. A couple of times I have rushed myself a bit when the thin edge was folded over and glued to itself and I ended up with a couple of little nicks or tears in it which I had to later trim out. Basically, I now allow about an hour to carefully follow all of recommended preparation steps, glue the Real Breast form down, then glue the edges carefully and then take a short half hour nap while the adhesive sets up correctly. So, you need to allow 1 hour in total after you have a little experience with these forms.

I have a couple of tips for you on attaching the form:

  1. Make sure that you trim and file your own nails down carefully beforehand as you don't want to increase the chances of tearing that edge unnecessarily.
  2. Be sure that your strictly follow the instructions for preparing and gluing the forms onto your chest, using only the recommended materials from this web site.

Same is true for removal of the forms - use only the recommended adhesive removers from this web site. If you follow the instructions religiously, the Real Breasts are going to be part of you, at least for the evening, until you remove them.

There are 2 other points or recommendation that I have for you. First, the expertise and customer assistance with these forms is really top-notch. They will handle your questions and challenges beautifully and in confidence. No need to worry about being left alone with a product. You won't have that feeling of being stranded.

Second, be sure to take advantage of the customization available with this prosthetic. They really are works of art. I ordered the skin sample to get the overall skintone as close as possible. I was really worried about this as my skin has a lot of freckles and I was really worried about the forms blending in. After I did the best match I could with the skin tone samples, I then sent a series of natural light photos to the manufacturer here and asked them to include not only freckles to match my torso and chest but also to double-check my choice of overall skin tone. In addition, I had them add a couple of moles for realism, some light veining, and a shading of the freckles so that the upper part of the form had freckles on it but the lower part of the breasts did not, as they would have been protected from the natural sunlight over time by a bra or swimsuit top. The result? Fabulous, see for yourself. As far as I am concerned, this customization is worth about 90% of what you are paying for, so take advantage of it by all means.

My final bit of advice is this: get the One Piece form but, as the web site recommends, order it with the thick and not the thin edge, as it will be more durable for you - unless you really want that "blended" look on the edges. On my next order, I will definitely get the "thick" as opposed to the "thin" edge.

Oh, one other thing about the edges: they are so easy to hide with clothing, jewelry, hair, etc. Also, based on my experience, people or more focused on your cleavage and nipples and not the edges. :)


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