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Announce to the world that you truly are the princess or the queen with this beautiful clip tiara! Our Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara features 18 pearls and 97 individually set clear white crystals, creating a beautiful, traditional look that's perfect for with evening wear, fancy dresses, or even to be worn with a wedding dress! No matter what you choose to wear with our Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara, you are sure to feel like royalty.

The classic arch design is perfect for adding a bit of Hollywood glamour and beauty, no matter what hair style you choose to wear.

With a wide arch for the base of the tiara, the natural curve is perfect for larger heads, making it perfect to wear, no matter what your head size! Best of all, unlike traditional 'hair band' tiaras, our Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara fastens with a simple comb clip.

The benefit of a comb clip tiara is that it can be easily positioned and secured anywhere on the head, be it in the front or in the back. It also prevents pressure from building around the temples or behind the ears, which can cause discomfort when wearing a traditional 'hair band' tiara that's too small.

How to wear your Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara

To get the most security when wearing your tiara, make sure to slightly back-comb the area of your hair or wig where you would like the tiara to sit. This little bit of back combing helps to give the clip an area to fasten to, and will help keep it in place better than if it's slid in to sleek hair that has not been back-combed. The clip itself is very sturdy, and will hold its place all evening. You can also use a bit of hair spray to help secure the tiara in place.

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All Canadian orders ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All US and international orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. Holidays and post office closures may cause your order to ship a day sooner or later.

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HFH Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara

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