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Make them envious of your long, luscious lashes with our Ultiimate Volume Mascara! This scientifically-enhanced mascara will bring ultimate volume to your lash and ultimate beauty to your eyes.

Create thick and full lashes with this volumizing mascara and brush wand in an instant. Our Ultimate Volume Mascara is long wearing eyelash color that is sure to brighten your eyes!

All of our cosmetics are profesional make-up artist quality and are made in America.

What is mascara?

Known as the 'one make-up product every girl should always wear, no matter what,' mascara creates a feminine look by thickening and lengthening your eyelashes, widening and accenting your eyes.

Expert Tips
  • Waterproof mascara is extremely durable, and doesn't smudge as quickly as regular products. If you wear contacts, have allergies, are planning on going dancing, or being in a very warm location, opt for waterproof.
  • If your mascara is clumping on your wand, the mascara is probably expired. Throw the mascara away and use a new tube.
  • If you end up with mascara somewhere where you shouldn't (on your eye shadow or below your eyes), don't fret! Wait for the mascara to completely dry (a minimum of 1 minute), then take a cotton swab and gently twist the tip on the unwanted mascara spot.
  • Opening your mouth stretches the muscles in your face, making it easier to open your eyes. This is very helpful when applying mascara, because you will be less likely to blink or smudge your mascara.
Our Ultimate Volume Mascara is available in:

Perfect for all eye colors

* Our original Mascara with Keratin in Black may ship instead of Ultimate Volume Mascara.

Perfect for all eye colors, especially blue eyes

Perfect for all eye colors

* Our original Mascara with Keratin in Brown may ship instead of Ultimate Volume Mascara.

Where will my order ship from?
If you are located in the United States... This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA

If you are located in Canada... This item will ship from Delta, BC

If you are located in another country... This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA

All Canadian orders ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All US and international orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. Holidays and post office closures may cause your order to ship a day sooner or later.

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Ultimate Volume Mascara

$ 11 .95

How to use our our Ultimate Volume Mascara
  1. Clean your skin and apply your foundation. Prime your eyes using a specialized concealer or a creme- or liquid-based foundation. Apply your eye shadow, liner, and false eyelashes, if desired. Allow for all make-up to completely dry.
  2. Take your mascara wand and hold it to the very corner of the outside of your eye. Gently pull upwards and outwards, coating the outside of your eyelashes in mascara. As necessary, dip your mascara brush back in the tube to put more mascara on the wand. Never "pump" your mascara (putting the mascara brush in and out of the tube really quickly in an effort to get more mascara on the wand). This will only cause your mascara to dry out faster and can lead to bacteria harbouring in your make-up.
  3. Advanced Girls: Close your eye and gently swipe the mascara brush to from your lash line to the tip. Then repeat with your eyes open. You can also apply mascara to your lower lashes.
  4. Put on as many layers of mascara as you would like, ensuring that you allow the mascara to fully dry between each coat (a minimum of 1 minute). The more coats you put on, the thicker and longer your eyelashes will look.

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