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Add some curves to your hips and backside in seconds with our classic TRANSFORM Hip & Rear Padded Panty!

These padded panties are exactly what you need to add a little extra to your bottom and hips.

They are a full cut panty made from a combination of Lycra and Spandex for support and comfort.

Each panty has four individual pads: two full rear pads and two smaller hip pads to give a contoured feminine appearance.

Best of all, the pads can be removed depending on your needs! They work well with our gaffs for the perfect feminine look.

Why we love our TRANSFORM Hip & Rear Padded Panty
  • An easy and affordable way to help create feminine curves
  • The built-in pockets are designed to move with you. No slipping or sliding out of place!
  • Comfortable and practical design is designed for the male torso
  • Made with soft, lifelike foam that does not shrink or change shape after washing
  • This panty is shorter in the leg than other padded panties, making it perfect for wearing with short skirts and dresses
  • Individual pads mean that you can adjust the positioning for the perfect amount of curve for your body
  • Available in Black, Nude and Baby Pink in four sizes
  • Works great with our Classic Gaffs to create a flatter front and feminine curves!
  • At $39.95, this is an excellent price for an excellent product!

This item will only be available for as long as we have the item in inventory! Once we are sold out of our TRANSFORM Hip & Rear Padded Panty, we will be replacing it with a new style of padded panty.

For more photos, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Undergarments - TRANSFORM Hip and Rear Padded Panty [17200]
$ 39 .95
Size and Color

Fitting Chart for TRANSFORM Hip & Rear Padded Panty
  Dress Size Hip Measurement Waist Measurement
Small 5 32 to 34 inches
(81 to 86 cm)
28 to 30 inches
(71 to 76 cm)
Medium 6 36 to 38 inches
(91 to 97 cm)
32 to 34 inches
(81 to 86 cm)
Large 7 40 to 42 inches
(102 to 107 cm)
36 to 38 inches
(91 to 97 cm)
Extra Large 8 44 to 46 inches
(112 to 117 cm)
40 to 42 inches
(102 to 107 cm)
2X 9 48 to 50 inches
(122 to 127 cm)
44 to 46 inches
(112 to 117 cm)
3X 10 52 to 54 inches
(132 to 137 cm)
48 to 50 inches
(122 to 127 cm)

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Returns & Exchanges

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Why are these padded panties made with foam instead of silicone?

Many of our clients have asked for hip and bottom pads that are made of silicone, similar to breast forms. We appreciate that this would be an ideal product and have investigated the idea. The problem is that if the pads were made the same way breast forms are made - basically a very strong bag full of silicone - they would burst when sat on! We investigated a rubber type product but found that they would be too heavy, hot and would not have a natural movement. The foam pads will not suffer damage from use, move with you and are light and cool since they do not come in contact with your skin.

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