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Reg. $29.95
Now on sale

Reg. $29.95
Now on sale

Our AMOLUX nipples are beautiful, self-adhering nipples that will give you the perfect, natural look for every day wear.

Enjoy being a girl with AMOLUX attachable nipples! These beautiful nipples are designed with you in mind.

Our AMOLUX nipples feature a realistic appearance with soft, natural-looking texure for the most realistic appearance, making them the perfect accessory to your breast forms or your own body.

Why we love our AMOLUX attachable nipples
  • Self-adhering silicone nipples with built-in adhesive that will last for hours, or even days!
  • Available in three areola sizes and four skintone colors
  • Realistic bumps and grooves to look like real nipples
  • Tapered edges for a natural-looking transition to your breast form
  • Easy to attach, just stick & go!
  • Made with ultra soft silicone
  • Made in Germany
AMOLUX Nipples are available in the following sizes:

1.54 inch aerola diameter

1.93 inch aerola diameter

Extra Large
2.32 inch aerola diameter

AMOLUX Nipples are available in the following colors:




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AMOLUX Attachable Nipples

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