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Reg. $39.95
Now on sale

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The little bit of magic no girl can be without

Pheromones are hormonal secretions which stimulate a physiological or behavioral response from individuals of the same species. Quite simply, pheromones define us to the opposite sex.

Female pheromones help you feel confident in your femininity. Female pheromones radiate your femininity more effectively than expensive perfume.

We believe female pheromones are a final touch to help make you feel like a complete woman. No matter how well you dress, how feminine you look and behave, non-genetic females cannot produce natural female pheromones.

How female pheromones help you

Many average-looking women radiate that special something that makes them very attractive. Researchers believe that higher pheromone levels make all the difference because we respond to members of the opposite sex who have higher levels of pheromones.

Important thoughts on using pheromones to 'pass'

Have you ever wondered why some of the best dressed and best-looking CDs and TGs have trouble passing? Something usually gives them away; we are not talking about when they speak, how they walk, or because they are 6'2" tall. Instinct tells another person that though everything looks fine, there is 'something' odd. It may be the male pheromone message the TG/CD is radiating.

Why we love our Super-Primal Female Pheromones

Our Super-Primal Female Pheromones are of the highest quality, and are affordable - truly a small but worthwhile investment in your femininity.

  • The simple and chic drop bottle is easy to apply and is ready whenever you're ready
  • With no label on the bottle, our pheromones have discreet packaging and are perfect to leave in a drawer, on a nightstand, or in your purse
  • Our pheromones are better than pheromones that are already included in perfumes, soaps or creams because you decide how and when you want to use pheromones
  • Can be sprinkled in your bed, the bath, or other places you would like to radiate and enjoy your femininity
  • Bask in the lovely feeling of being a woman or being in a lovely feminine atmosphere, anywhere!
  • Our pheromones can be added to your own perfumes, creams or oils! Use just enough to achieve the results you are seeking
  • Use the female pheromones for the comfort of being in the company of a sexy woman - you!

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Female Pheromones

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Female Pheromones TWO PACK

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Pheromone Resources

Our research leads us to believe that the use of pheromones may help you in your quest for femininity. You may wish to do your own research before buying pheromones. We have also compiled some of our own resources for you:

The Breast Form Store does its best to only provide products that we personally have inspected for quality. Although pheromones are widely used, and the subject to a great deal of scientific research, they are a unique and subtle product in aiding in your transformation. Example: Breast forms instantly make a very feminine statement (the results are immediate).

Pheromones work in a subtle manner, affecting you and not your appearance. Each individual will react differently to the use of pheromones.

Finding your perfect pheromone level

To find the perfect balance of female pheromones for your body, we recommend following these simple steps to get the most of your pheromone use. Use these simple instructions to find the perfect level of Super-Primal Female Pheromones for you:

  1. Use 1 drop each day for three days, followed by two days without pheromones
  2. Use 2 drops each day for three days, followed by two days without pheromones
  3. Use 3 drops each day for three days, followed by two days without pheromones
  4. Use 4 drops each day for three days, followed by two days without pheromones

Most crossdressers are happy at using three drops, however that doesn't mean you can't explore four or five or even more drops! Use the number of drops that feels comfortable to you.

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