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How soon do you ship orders?

We strive to ship all of our products within 2 to 3 business days of receiving your order. Once your order ships, we will send you a personal thank you e-mail with your tracking number(s), so that you can track your shipment as it makes its way to you.

Each item has its own estimated shipping date on its product page, as well as any additional delays that your order may occur for processing and production. It also has the shipping location listed, as that we do use multiple warehouses across the United States for faster delivery, at no additional cost to our clients.

How soon will I get my order?

Generally speaking, orders with regular shipping generally arrive within 9 to 10 business days after receipt of your order, with the exception of custom-made or special order items. Orders with faster shipping will arrive depending on the method of shipping chosen.

We will notify you of any additional shipping delays that are not listed on our web site, however we cannot be held responsible for shipping delays due to extreme weather conditions, service strikes, and/or any other circumstance that would intervine with typical shipping proceedures.

If you have problems receiving packages by certain shipping methods, please let us know when you place your order, otherwise we will select the shipping company with the fastest delivery to your area from our location(s).

Will anyone know what I ordered? Is it discreet?

We ship all of our orders in plain, unmarked packages with no identifying information about what is inside. Most of our parcels display 'Shipping Department' as the contact name on the return address for the most privacy. (International orders are required to display our legal company name on the customs paperwork.)

Can I have my order shipped faster? How much does it cost?

We provide faster shipping options at the following prices:

Shipping to the United States
Regular Shipping
3 to 10 business days
Priority Shipping
3 to 7 business days
Express Shipping
2 to 4 business days
Overnight Shipping
1 business day
Order Value
(before shipping)
1¢ to $19.99 $7.50 $10 $25 By request only
Please contact us by phone for orders to be shipped overnight
$20 to $49.99 $7.50 $10 $40
$50 to $99.99 $7.50 $15 $40
$100 or more FREE $25 $80

Shipping to Canada
Regular Shipping
Canada Post
Expedited Parcel
Priority Shipping
Canada Post
Express Shipping
Canada Post
Overnight Shipping
1 business day
Order Value
(before shipping)
1¢ to $19.99 $12.50 $25 $40 By request only
Please contact us by phone for orders to be shipped overnight
$20 to $49.99 $12.50 $25 $60
$50 to $99.99 $12.50 $40 $60
$100 or more FREE $50 $80

Please note that shipping prices do not include taxes on Canadian orders.

Shipping to International Locations
Priority Shipping
10 to 15 business days, depending on customs
Express Shipping
4 to 10 business days, depending on customs
Order Value
(before shipping)
1¢ to $49.99 $20 $30
$50 to $99.99 $30 $60
$100 to $199.99 $40 $75
$200 to $399.00 $50 $90
$400 or more $70 $110

Please note that shipping prices do not include any duties or taxes that may be charged by your country on delivery.

Can I have my order shipped overnight or next day?

We carry a wide range of products that ship from multiple locations. Depending on the item(s) you are interested in and where you are located, we may be able to ship your parcel to you via overnight or next day delivery; you would be charged the exact shipping cost as quoted by the courier. Please be aware that overnight or next day shipping on breast forms can be very expensive due to the weight of the forms.

I can't receive packages at home (my billing address). Can I have my order shipped to another address?

Yes, you can have your order shipped to a different location than your billing address! If you cannot receive your items at your home address, a PO box, or your place of work, we recommend contacting your local UPS Store or other private mail box store to have your order delivered there.

Before you place your order, locate your closest UPS Store or other private mail box store (such as FedEx, Canpar, etc.) and let them know that you would like to have a parcel held there for pick-up. They will tell you how it works for their store (usually they will charge a small fee ($2-$5) to receive a package for you).

Make sure to ask them for their exact address and if they can receive parcels shipped by US Mail (if you are in the United States) or Canada Post (if you are in Canada). If they cannot receive packages by either of these couriers, please let us know.

Please be aware that UPS Stores and other private mail box stores will generally require both a phone number and photo identification in order for you to pick up your parcel. They do this so that they can call you as soon as your parcel arrives to their store, and to make sure that no one but you picks up your parcel.

Why do you need my billing address if my order is being shipped somewhere else?

Your billing information must be correct, as that we require it for payment verification. If the billing address is provided to us is not the same as what appears on your statement, your card will decline in our system for security reasons; this is a standard procedure with many online companies.

We will NEVER contact you at your billing address if it is different than your shipping address.

Some orders may be required to pay by bank transfer or money order, in order to protect your order from potential fraud. If you are asked to pay by either of these methods, please know that we are trying to protect you from unlawful transactions and to increase the security on your order.

I'm located overseas. Can I still order from you?

Yes, you can. We can ship almost anywhere in the world!

For the fastest delivery times and lowest prices, please select the associated country flag for your geographic area (if your geographic area is not located, choose the closest option or click on the United States flag to order from our head office location):

Australia Canada Europe France Germany Japan New Zealand United Kingdom United States

Any customs charges, taxes, or duties are the responsibility of the customer. We have no control over these charges, as they are issued by your country, and will often be collected by the mail courier at the time of delivery.

Products that do not ship from our Point Roberts, WA location will need to be ordered in to our location, which typically takes between 5 and 10 business days, beore we will be able to ship your order.

All international orders ship via USPS International services, which are Priority International and Priority Express International (depending on the method of shipping you choose). If you are interested in using a carrier such as UPS or FedEx, please let us know and we can get a quote for you for the freight. Please keep in mind that carriers like UPS and FedEx can be very expensive when shipping internationally. A single pair of breast forms can easily cost $300 or more to ship using regular (not express) service.

Please note that all orders shipping to Mexico must ship via Priority Express International, as we have found that parcels that ship via the standard Priority International service are often lost or damaged in shipment.

What will the customs/duties charges be? What will the customs documents say is in the box?

Unfortunately, we do not know what your country will charge in regards to customs, taxes or duties, as that every country is different. All of our packages that ship overseas have the contents of the package listed as Clothing Accessories on the customs documentation, along with our legal company name (as is required by law).

Please note that in order to ship international orders, we are required by law to include in an envelope on the outside of the box:

  1. Our legal company name as the sender of the package
  2. Customs declaration, showing "Clothing Accessories"
  3. Copy of your invoice, showing the product purchased

Your invoice is for customs purposes, and there is no way to ship a package without this documentation. This invoice is to be removed from the package by customs. However, customs agents may or may not remove this invoice, and may remain in the envelope. Although we do our best to ensure your privacy with this paperwork, we have no control over what the customs agents do with this invoice.

If your privacy is of the utmost importance, we strongly recommend having your order shipped to a PO box or other holding facility.

Return and Exchanges

Please click here for our returns and exchanges policies.

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