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Wig care products and accessories are designe to help take care of and revitalize your wigs, making them look brand new and more realistic. They also allow you to help style and refresh your wig with ease while maintaining its shape.

Wig Brushes, Stands & Liners

Wig Care and Accessories - Estetica Designs Comfort Wig Cap Liner 2-Pack [LINER]
A must-have for every crossdresser!
Make wearing a wig comfortable and keep your own hair securely in place!

Wig Care and Accessories - Estetica Designs Stainless Steel Wig Brush [BRUSH]
Designed to groom your wig without damage

Wig Care and Accessories - Collapsible Wig Stand [STAND]
Keeps your wig in shape
Great for styling!

Wig Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling Products

Wig Care & Accessories